For My Canadian Friends…

A few weeks ago, I caught a few minutes of CBS’s Sunday Morning. They had a segment about Canadian Favorite (or Religious Experience if you rather) Tim Hortons. I asked my Canadian Transplanted friend about Tim Hortons, and her eyes lighted up – must be something special indeed!


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Whiz Wit, Now!

I love TV. I love intelligent TV (more diatribe on that later). I love TV about food (have i mentioned I love food?). Next time you are channel surfing pause on your local PBS Channel for a quirky series by Rick Sebak: A Hot Dog Program, Sandwiches You Will Like, and an Ice Cream Show. Sebak has visited the tried and true neighborhood joints that know how to cook. Maybe your favorite joint is featured. I would so love to go on a road trip to all of these places….although I think I am going to have to walk there.

So what is the ‘Oh My God, You Have Got To Go To’ in your town?

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Just Another Manic Monday

Well boys and girls, we had a wonderful weekend and made it through Monday; it is all downhill goodness from here!

Here is the nitty gritty news from today:

Obama: Yes we can! Bribe poor countries into taking our prisoners (so this is why we get up and go to work and pay our taxes – just incase you were wondering)

Is nice yes?

Is nice yes?

Now Hiring: I love beer, you love beer, These Guys make beer and jobs too!

Good for what Ales ya!

Good for what Ales ya!

Weekend Update:

Cinnamon Rolls and Road Trips

Ok, so my cinnamon rolls did not look exactly like the original recipe , but they sure were tasty enough to pass the Hubby Seal of I Want More. Dough was made from a buttermilk biscuit recipe – savory, not sweet, which was a nice change from the usual sweet doughs and a good balance from the filling. All in all, they were easy to make and a success, and will take many more times to prefect the pretty factor.IMG_0918


Saturday Hubby and I decided to get out of town for a change of scenery, so we dropped the FoxMonster off with the grandparents, packed a cooler and headed off to Isle of Palms and Charleston. The water was warm and inviting (no swimmnig on this trip), the city as beautiful as always, the tourist as slow as always, and the food wonderful. We came away Red Sided Tourists, but it was so worth it. Check out a few of our favorite spots next time you find yourself in our part of the world.

Hunger Pains: Kickin Chicken

Yes, the Original Kickin Please!
Yes, the Original Kickin Please!


Go See: The Battery & Waterfront Park, Rainbow Row 

To Do: Harborfest June 26 -29 2009

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Anniversaries and Trips

So this Thursday (6/11/09) is the 10 year anniversary of hubby and mines first date. We were both living in Charleston, SC (me at CofC and he at Naval Weapons Station): he picked me up around 9 pm and we went to see Austin Powers, the Spy Who Shagged Me and dinner at T Bonz. I was so nervous that I walked 10 feet in front of him till we got to the car. 

In planning for our trip to Charleston on Saturday, I found some pretty cool sites to help with travel planning: (User generated city guides) (A Facebook App – map where you have been & want to go) (Great user generated guides – what to see, how to get there, and what to skip)


Damn Security Screeners, Always Messing My Stuff Up

Damn Security Screeners, Always Messing My Stuff Up


Since 10 years (hell, 10 anything) is a milestone, I thought I would start of  Thursday morning on the right foot: home made breakfast goodies! Now, my hubby is obsessed with 4 of the major food groups: Pizza, Beer, Burgers, and Cinnamon Rolls. So why not be a dearie and make him some Cinnamon Rolls for breakfast. I found this recipe today at TasteSpotting and it was hard not to lick the screen myself. I will let you know how they go over – fingers crossed, I have never made home made rolls before!


Can You Smell Them Too?

Can You Smell Them Too?



So, what is your special food (or obsession) that you would like to have and on which special occasion?

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