Quiz Time

So yesterday, I had a little free time to myself. I was checking out some sites, minding my own business. Did not come across anything too interesting. It is interesting that we have so much ‘information’ at our disposal, but a lot of the times we do nothing with it or can’t find it (maybe it is just me?).

The only interesting thing found yesterday and followed a link to the World’s Smallest Political Quiz. Not knowing what this was or was developed by whom, I though, eh, what the heck. Results you say? I’ll tell you mine, if you tell me yours!

Regarding Q&A’s, there is only one King of the Call Button:


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Brain Tired

After 2 long days at work…I need a little R&R. So, I am not watching the news, reading the news and looking for the silver lining.

I really could use some good belly laughs – hope you can too

Dang-it, Socks Don't Match Again

Dang-it, Socks Don't Match Again

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Home Alone

Our good Navy friends and Home Brewing cohorts, the Johnson’s, have a small little Cockapoo named Haley. One note about Mr. Johnson: he can eat and eat and eat – it is all about quantity with this kid. He truly is a bottomless pit.

I found this picture the other day on one of my favorite blogs: This is Why You’re Fat. I cannot confirm nor deny that the pooch in question is Haley (the likeness is too uncanny) but I would not put the below creation past Mr. Johnson if he was left home alone.

You gonna share right?

You gonna share right?

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In the corner room with the rope…

Professor Chuck Norris plowed the field, planted the seeds, made it rain and shown the sun, which grew the cotton that he spun on a loom that wove the fibers into a bathrobe which he mailed to the hotel and placed in the room of David Carradine. When David finished his shower and put on the robe, Chuck Norris scratched his ear and the robe followed its orders that were whispered to it while it was growing in the field. And thus, Chuck Norris earns 2 points in the Game.

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Superpowers Activate!

So aliens are supposed to be highly intelligent, have huge bald heads, and wield all kinds of mental power. So what if we weakly humans were suddenly like Samson, and had superpowers of hair?

Which hair would reign supreme?

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Hang In There Kiddies

Ok, Thursday evening – almost Friday and our last day of drudgery is on the horizon; then sweet, sweet freedom! 

Here are a few things to make your Friday go down a little better 

You Know You Would Try It

You Know You Would Try It








Survival at Heart Attack Grill

Triple Bypass

Triple Bypass






Sweet! Pierce Bronson wishes he could be this cool

What would M say?

What would M say?








In Case you are having one of those really long Fridays while everyone is getting out of work early:

Cobra Commander’s Day Off

Ninjas vs. Pirates

Try and not get this stuck in Your head

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