Procrastination, Thy Name is Sarah

Ok – so this is our first year (going on 2) as first time home buyers. Oh, yes, I can hear the collective groan of forced ‘Good For You’ around the globe. While we both are enjoying having a home, we are experiencing the joys of being Mr. and Mrs. HandyMan. Our home’s current layout is the result of many additions over the years. It has been in the same family since it was built in the 1950’s on the fore mentioned family’s former working plantation. Nothing is perfect, and it does need some TLC, which we would love to afford to give it, but we have a mortgage, 2 car loans, and 1 person in college. So we do things when we can, and must egregiously, those ‘When we can moments’ have been when things have broken.

So far we have weathered the following:

1) None draining septic tank (fun for all!)

2) A no pump sump pump

3) A leaky toilet and subsequent horrible instructions (we know understand what a siphon does)

I Know You Said You Did Not Need Help; This Is Me Not Helping

I Know You Said You Did Not Need Help; This Is Me Not Helping

And, these all lead us to our top contender: broken hot water pipe in bathroom. Ugh. This unfortunate event happened this past January: during our cold snap, we had a rather warm night, so I (yes, I will take the credit for this one) thought that we did not need to drip the pipes (something which my Oregon born Hubby had never heard of before). The next morning, I get up, use the loo and attempt to wash my hands. Um, I know I am still groggy, but something is missing – no hot water. Panic – my heart sank and my stomach ate it. And so, luckily only the 1 pipe broke in our bathroom and the 2nd bath was still ok.

So, here we are in Mid July, and no fixed bathroom. Ok – enough is enough – time to bite the bullet and just get it done. So my goals are: Do it right, do it well, and not spend too much money. I do not think (and hope for that matter) that spending $3000 is too much – do you?


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Quiz Time

So yesterday, I had a little free time to myself. I was checking out some sites, minding my own business. Did not come across anything too interesting. It is interesting that we have so much ‘information’ at our disposal, but a lot of the times we do nothing with it or can’t find it (maybe it is just me?).

The only interesting thing found yesterday and followed a link to the World’s Smallest Political Quiz. Not knowing what this was or was developed by whom, I though, eh, what the heck. Results you say? I’ll tell you mine, if you tell me yours!

Regarding Q&A’s, there is only one King of the Call Button:

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A Pivotal Moment

As an American I have never feared OUR government.

I will not pretend to say that I like our current President. It is not the person I dislike, but it his is false ideals and motive that is troubling.

With the passing of the Waxman-Markey Energy Cap and Trade Bill, for the first time I fear for our Countries future, my future, and your future. I truly pray for America – what has become of us?

Please wake me from this nightmare…..

Lady Liberty

Lady Liberty

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Whiz Wit, Now!

I love TV. I love intelligent TV (more diatribe on that later). I love TV about food (have i mentioned I love food?). Next time you are channel surfing pause on your local PBS Channel for a quirky series by Rick Sebak: A Hot Dog Program, Sandwiches You Will Like, and an Ice Cream Show. Sebak has visited the tried and true neighborhood joints that know how to cook. Maybe your favorite joint is featured. I would so love to go on a road trip to all of these places….although I think I am going to have to walk there.

So what is the ‘Oh My God, You Have Got To Go To’ in your town?

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Call To Action

I implore everyone who is an American and who has enjoyed our standard of living for the last 30+ yrs. There is a bill under review that is trying to be passed before the July 4th holiday so that the Senator and Congressmen will not have to face the outcry from their constituents.

Waxman-Markey Energy Tax Bill

Please tell everyone you know, do your own research. We the People can engage and create change. Long Live Life, Liberty, Freedom and Justice!

Worth Fighting for Then, Worth Fighting for Now

Worth Fighting for Then, Worth Fighting for Now

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Just Cannot Say Good-Bye

Step 1: Admit Problem, Step 3: Problem Solved

Now, this is not to say I am a hoarder, au contrairemon frère! Hello, my name is Sarah and I cannot throw away magazines.  I simply cannot get rid of magazines with an article or two that I find useful, or can use later on (which then gets forgotten because it is in the stack with all the other magazines). Sigh – I must simply come to accept that I am a work in progress…which i just read a great article about a few months back, now where did I put it?

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This Day In History

June 17, 1885

Statue of Liberty arrives

A gift of friendship from the people of France to the people of the United States, arrives in New York City’s harbor

Lady Liberty

Lady Liberty

June 17, 1775

Battle of Bunker Hill

Rebels they called them

"And so it has happened, a real bloody battle, not a skirmish like Lexington and Concord, but something that will go down in history"

"And so it has happened, a real bloody battle, not a skirmish like Lexington and Concord, but something that will go down in history"

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Just Another Manic Monday

Well boys and girls, we had a wonderful weekend and made it through Monday; it is all downhill goodness from here!

Here is the nitty gritty news from today:

Obama: Yes we can! Bribe poor countries into taking our prisoners (so this is why we get up and go to work and pay our taxes – just incase you were wondering)

Is nice yes?

Is nice yes?

Now Hiring: I love beer, you love beer, These Guys make beer and jobs too!

Good for what Ales ya!

Good for what Ales ya!

Weekend Update:

Cinnamon Rolls and Road Trips

Ok, so my cinnamon rolls did not look exactly like the original recipe , but they sure were tasty enough to pass the Hubby Seal of I Want More. Dough was made from a buttermilk biscuit recipe – savory, not sweet, which was a nice change from the usual sweet doughs and a good balance from the filling. All in all, they were easy to make and a success, and will take many more times to prefect the pretty factor.IMG_0918


Saturday Hubby and I decided to get out of town for a change of scenery, so we dropped the FoxMonster off with the grandparents, packed a cooler and headed off to Isle of Palms and Charleston. The water was warm and inviting (no swimmnig on this trip), the city as beautiful as always, the tourist as slow as always, and the food wonderful. We came away Red Sided Tourists, but it was so worth it. Check out a few of our favorite spots next time you find yourself in our part of the world.

Hunger Pains: Kickin Chicken

Yes, the Original Kickin Please!
Yes, the Original Kickin Please!


Go See: The Battery & Waterfront Park, Rainbow Row 

To Do: Harborfest June 26 -29 2009

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In the corner room with the rope…

Professor Chuck Norris plowed the field, planted the seeds, made it rain and shown the sun, which grew the cotton that he spun on a loom that wove the fibers into a bathrobe which he mailed to the hotel and placed in the room of David Carradine. When David finished his shower and put on the robe, Chuck Norris scratched his ear and the robe followed its orders that were whispered to it while it was growing in the field. And thus, Chuck Norris earns 2 points in the Game.

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Riddle Me This…

If limes have no seeds, then how do we get more limes?

Love a classic margarita like I do: sweet, sour, bitter, and savory? Then enjoy my Hubby’s Classic Recipe:

Makes About 4 Margaritas

Equipment Needed:

Reamer & Microplane & Pitcher & Wooden Spoon

Juice of 4 limes

200 ml Jose Cuervo Gold Tequila

100 ml Cointreau

 1/2 cup Lime infused Simple Syrup (1/2 cup water & 1/2 cup sugar with the zest of 1 large lime)

Stir together, add 3 ice cubes per glass, squeeze a slice of lime over ice and rub glass rim, pour margaritas and let the fiesta ensue!


What Happened to My Inhibitions?

What Happened to My Inhibitions?

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