Procrastination, Thy Name is Sarah

Ok – so this is our first year (going on 2) as first time home buyers. Oh, yes, I can hear the collective groan of forced ‘Good For You’ around the globe. While we both are enjoying having a home, we are experiencing the joys of being Mr. and Mrs. HandyMan. Our home’s current layout is the result of many additions over the years. It has been in the same family since it was built in the 1950’s on the fore mentioned family’s former working plantation. Nothing is perfect, and it does need some TLC, which we would love to afford to give it, but we have a mortgage, 2 car loans, and 1 person in college. So we do things when we can, and must egregiously, those ‘When we can moments’ have been when things have broken.

So far we have weathered the following:

1) None draining septic tank (fun for all!)

2) A no pump sump pump

3) A leaky toilet and subsequent horrible instructions (we know understand what a siphon does)

I Know You Said You Did Not Need Help; This Is Me Not Helping

I Know You Said You Did Not Need Help; This Is Me Not Helping

And, these all lead us to our top contender: broken hot water pipe in bathroom. Ugh. This unfortunate event happened this past January: during our cold snap, we had a rather warm night, so I (yes, I will take the credit for this one) thought that we did not need to drip the pipes (something which my Oregon born Hubby had never heard of before). The next morning, I get up, use the loo and attempt to wash my hands. Um, I know I am still groggy, but something is missing – no hot water. Panic – my heart sank and my stomach ate it. And so, luckily only the 1 pipe broke in our bathroom and the 2nd bath was still ok.

So, here we are in Mid July, and no fixed bathroom. Ok – enough is enough – time to bite the bullet and just get it done. So my goals are: Do it right, do it well, and not spend too much money. I do not think (and hope for that matter) that spending $3000 is too much – do you?


July 13, 2009. Knowledge is Power.

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